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Welcome to greater peace of mind.

As a property owner, you face a lot of challenges. Having someone you can count on to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your properties can play a significant role in helping you run your business more confidently and more cost-effectively. And it can also help you focus on other responsibilities, like identifying new properties for your portfolio or analyzing market and financial data to determine if you’re ready to sell.

At eHomes of Bakersfield, we’re committed to helping property owners find the peace of mind they need by providing comprehensive property management services for all types of residential properties, including single-family homes and apartment complexes.

How we can help

Our highly skilled staff uses the latest technology to handle the full spectrum of property management services including:

  • Tenant application and screening
  • Security deposit management
  • Rent collection
  • Accounting services
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Property inspections
  • 30-day notices … and much more.

We also help you market your properties to potential renters by prominently featuring a complete listing of available rental properties on our website so renters can find them.

And when it’s time to buy or sell, we also offer services to help you manage your portfolio, including up-to-date listings of homes for sale, prequalification information and a mortgage center chock full of information that’s useful to you.

Call us today.

At eHomes of Bakersfield, we’ve grown to become recognized as the leading Kern County property management company because of one simple reason: Our unflagging commitment to serving the needs of our customers, now and in the future. Let us show you how we can help you manage your business with cost-effective solutions targeted at your unique needs.

What We Do as Your Property Manager

  • No-hassle management
  • Electronic owner statements that can be accessed at any time in your personal Owner Portal
  • 24/7 maintenance emergency services
  • Periodic property evaluation and planning
  • Market your properties to various websites and listing services in a uniquely tailored rental listing format
  • Thorough background checks of all prospective tenants
  • Provide professional lease agreements and execute leases
  • Perform move-in and move-out inspections
  • Collect deposits, rent and late fees
  • Arrange and manage maintenance, repairs and projects
  • Handle evictions and take legal action, if necessary.

Owner Statements Available Online

Did you know that you can access your owner statements and financial reports online?


  • Concise statements covering the performance of your property for the previous month
  • All data on your property is stored in a state-of-the-art data center
  • Access information about your property 24/7
  • Access information about your property from anywhere with an internet connection

How it works:

In order to keep your financials secure, we use a state of the art portal system that communicates with your email. Each time you wish to view your statements, you must visit the portal and enter in your email address. You will be emailed a single- use link that you can use to view your statements. This link does not have a time limit, however, it will expire after the first time you use it.

Access Owner Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you handle maintenance requests?

Tenants may submit their maintenance requests by internet, phone, or email. For emergencies that affect the immediate health and safety of the tenants or the property, we immediately dispatch a contractor to repair the issue and notify you of the activity. For all other emergencies, a staff member from our maintenance department will contact you and you will have 24 hours to approve the request or make the repair yourself. If we do not receive a response from you, we will dispatch a contractor to repair the issue and notify you of the activity. For all other maintenance requests, a staff member from our maintenance department will contact you and you will have 72 hours to approve the request or make the repair yourself. If we do not receive a response from you, we will use our best judgement to decide to dispatch a contractor to repair the issue and notify you of the activity.

For all maintenance requests, we may contact the tenant and ask them questions which will help us determine the exact nature of the problem before sending a service technician or make sure it is not something the tenant can fix themselves (example: reset button on the disposal, tripped breaker) before your money is spent on a service call. We make every effort to handle repair requests within 2 to 3 business days and are usually able to do so. Items such as air conditioning, heating, and hot water receive the highest priority to keep your tenant happy and comfortable

2. Do you hold some of my money for repairs? How much?

Yes, we do require each owner to have a reserve on deposit and the amount varies depending on your statement cycle. Any expenses that may arise during the month are charged to your property and deducted from the rent and/or the reserve. If funds are used out of the reserve, it will automatically be replenished with the next rent check. If a repair exceeds the amount of money we have on deposit then we will contact you and request additional funds for that repair. Expenses cannot be paid if funds are not on deposit.

The reserve is a deposit, not a charge, and will be released upon the termination of our services.

3. How do I know you won't spend my money on large repairs?

In our Property Management Agreement, you provide us with a maintenance limit for repairs. Except in emergency cases, no repairs will be authorized by us over that amount without your approval.

4. What if I am out of town on Business or not in the area?

We have a paperless system so monthly payments will automatically be deposited into your bank account and your statement is emailed to you. Maintenance requests will be handled with the timeframes as explained above.

5. Do you pay the bills for me?

We will pay all of the expenses directly related to the management of your property and charge them to your account with us. For your own security, we request that you pay your mortgage to protect your credit rating and your property insurance so that there is never a risk of a lapse.

6. Are your management fees competitive?

Absolutely. Do your homework and you will find many companies charge between 8% - 12%.

7. Are your property management fees negotiable?

No. The cost of using a property management company should be determined by aspects other than the fee charged. The speed, efficiency, and manner in which your property is rented and maintained is very important. We have one of the lowest vacancy rates in the business and feel we will save you more money by getting qualified tenants into your property than you will pay in fees. We make you more money, period. We feel that our services, experience, and expertise are a good value at the fee structure we have established.

8. Are there any other fees or service charges?

Yes, besides the monthly management fee and the 5% service charge on repairs, we also charge a one time leasing fee of $100 each time the property is rented and a one time fee of $50 if the lease is renewed.

9. Does your agreement give you exclusive right to sell?

No. We can sell your property if you would like us to, but it is not a requirement of our management contract. We do hope that you will be pleased with our service and list with us if you decide to sell but we do not require you to sign anything regarding the future sale of the property.

10. What happens if the tenants are not taking care of my property?

We give the tenant an opportunity to correct the situation and usually they do. If a problem persists, we allow you make a decision based on that specific situation.

11. Will you help me find a tenant without managing it?

Yes. Many Owners have the time and ability to manage the day-to-day operation of their rental property but lack the resources to attract and screen qualified tenants. We will assess and market the property, screen the tenant, sign the lease, document the move in, collect security deposit and the first month's rent, and then return the property to you for daily management. Our fee for this service is one month's rent.

12. Do you insure my property when you manage it?

No. You must maintain your own insurance coverage. However, we will gladly recommend insurance companies interested in writing insurance on your property. We strongly recommend you have a home warranty in place on each property. This helps to eliminate the "surprise expenses" all property owners dread.

13. Are you licensed?

Yes, Robert Zimmerman is a licensed Real Estate Broker in California (DRE # 01242762). He is a member of the Bakersfield Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors. Corporate License for Zimmerman Real Estate Services, Inc. DRE # 01882159. In addition, many of the employees are real estate agents themselves.

14. How do I get started?

There are 4 easy steps:

  • Call or email us at: (661) 204-4123 (cell) or (661) 587-2612 (office). email: Robert@eHomesofBakersfield.com
  • Invite us to your property to conduct a Market Analysis to assure the highest rental rates for your specific Property.
  • Sign a Property Management Agreement.
  • Give copies of the property keys to us and we will take care of the rest.

General FAQs

Q: Why do I need a professional to manage my property?
As a property owner who has been managing your properties yourself, you have dedicated countless hours in the upkeep of your property. From finding qualified tenants to dealing with maintenance issues, managing your investment properties can be quite demanding. If you are ready to reclaim some of your free time, pass the reins to us and rest assured knowing your property is in good hands.

Q: How do you find qualified tenants?
First, we create detailed and attractive rental listing ads that draw viewers in. We post these to a number of websites so as not to miss out on any potential tenants. We run thorough background checks to make sure only the most qualified tenants move into your property. Our effective marketing and leasing strategies result in fewer vacancies and lower tenant turnover rates.

Q: Where do you advertise rental property?
We post on to the following Web sites:

  • Zillow.com
  • Trulia.com
  • Apartments.com
  • Rentbits.com
  • RentalHomesPlus.com
  • FreeRentalSite.com
  • Rentlinx.com
  • Rentmyhome.org
  • Oodle.com
  • Condo.com
  • RentalAds.com
  • HomeTownRent.com
  • HotPads.com
  • RentJungle.com
  • Apartmentlist.com
  • RentalHomePros.com

Q: How do you screen applicants?
Our detailed and extensive screening reports draw an applicant’s credit, eviction and criminal history. We dig further by interviewing potential tenants and checking previous landlord references. We also verify their employment, income and financial history.

Q: How do you collect rent?
Tenants always have the option to mail in their rent, but we use advanced property management software that also allows tenants to pay their rent (and application fees) online. Electronic payments drastically reduce the rental payment turnaround time, which means you can collect your funds quicker.

Q: How do I receive financial statements and reports?
Owner statements are available online in your personal Owner Portal, which you have access to 24/7. The statements are easy to read and provide you with an overview of your property’s cash-related transactions. Additional reports are available upon request.

Q: How do I receive monthly rent payments?
We can send you your check by mail or use electronic payments (ACH) to deposit monthly rent directly into your bank account.

Q: How do I access my Owner Portal?

  1. You can access your portal at any time at PropertyManagementDatabase.appfolio.com/portal.
  2. On the Owner Portal link request page, enter your email address and click the Send Access Email button.
  3. Go to your email program and open the email from your property management company. Click on the link in this email, and a new page will open displaying your owner reports.

Q: Do I have to request and receive a new email every time I want to go into the Owner Portal?
Yes, the system is set up to use emailed links to access the Owner Portal. Please enter your email address and then go to your email program and click the link in the notification email any time you wish to access the Owner Portal.

Q: I entered my email address and clicked Send Access Email, but haven’t received my email. What do I do?

  1. Check to ensure you are using the correct email address. It must be same one you have on file with your property management company.
  2. Check your spam or junk folder to ensure it was not incorrectly filed by your email program.

Q: How do you maintain my property?
We provide routine property inspections on a regular basis, and take measures to assure your property is always in tiptop shape. Our maintenance team is available 24/7 to respond to tenant maintenance issues, so you don’t have to worry about being bothered with these issues.

Our Technology Advantage

Our goal is to provide you with the best service and manage your properties efficiently and effectively. Our team has invested in a complete and modern software solution, AppFolio Property Manager. We are excited to share several of the new capabilities and how they will benefit you.

  • More effectively market your properties and fill vacancies sooner. AppFolio allows us to quickly advertise vacancies online, posting to our website, and hundreds of other listing sites. Applicants can also apply right from their smartphones.
  • Price rentals right for your market and reduce vacancies. AppFolio’s built-in rental comparison tool provides actual rental rates for units similar to yours in the same geographic location. This insight allows us to maximize your revenue and fill vacancies faster.
  • Screen for the best residents. Streamlined, built in resident screening includes standard background and credit checks along with past rent payment history. Screens can be completed in minutes - enabling us to place the highest quality residents quickly.
  • You will be paid faster and more securely. New functionality provides our team the ability to deposit funds directly into your bank account. No more waiting for a check in the mail.
  • Collect rent faster with online payment options. Modern residents expect easy, online payment options. AppFolio gives residents three convenient ways to pay electronically (Cash, E-check, or with a credit card).
  • On-demand access to your statements. Owner statements are securely posted to an online Owners Portal, saving time and paper. These simple statements provide you with a quick snapshot of your property details for the past month. We can also include maintenance invoices and additional reports you request.
  • Handle property maintenance issues faster. We use AppFolio for electronic work-orders and communication with vendors so we can quickly resolve issues. At your request, we can email you a copy of the work order and relevant information giving you real-time updates.